Thursday, February 16, 2012

My favourite YouTube beauty gurus

Over the past year or so, I've really been getting into the whole YouTube beauty community. I've become obsessed with checking my subscription box everyday to see if my favourite girls have uploaded a new video, and there are some gurus who I watch religiously.
I thought I'd do a 'share the love' type post about the most down-to-earth and helpful beauty gurus who I have come across on YouTube. I watch mostly UK-based gurus because they are easier for me to relate to in terms of product availability, but there are a couple of American girls who I love too.

10) UglyFaceOfBeauty - Gracie is one of the most confident girls I have ever come across, and I really admire that in her. She posts great, relatable videos about products I have easy access to and she is hilarious! Love that girl!

9) missglamorazzi - Ingrid is so cuteeee and bubbly, which makes her really easy to watch. She makes regular beauty videos but she also has a vlog channel (TheGridMonster) where she makes LOADS of vlogs, lots with her boyfriend Luke. Check her out!

8) meganisobel - I think Megan is so sophisticated, her videos are quite calm so are very easy to watch. She does not have ridiculously excessive amounts of makeup and all of it gets used, so she is an example to us all!

7) FleurDeForce - Fleur is another London girl, she is so stunning... I want her hair! She has a really calming voice (lol) which is one of the reasons why I LOVE watching her videos. She is also friends with Ingrid (missglamorazzi).

6) glitterkiss11 - Chloe is a Canadian girl who makes fashion and beauty videos. She talks really fast and is so funny, which is why I love her! Her videos are also quite short and sweet, unlike some other gurus who make like 20-minute videos. Please.

5) ShonaShortcake - Shona is 18, so quite close to my age which makes her easy to relate to. I love her sense of style, the only problem is that nowadays her videos are few and far between!

4) Sprinkleofglitter - Louise has (quite) recently given birth to Baby Glitter! Well her real name's Darcy, but regardless, she is sooo cute. Louise is so funny and makes great beauty videos, but I also enjoy watching her vlogs.

3) zoella280390 - Zoe is Louise's close friend, and also makes beauty videos. I love her because her favourite place to shop is Primark! She does lovely videos without making me lust after designer labels, and she's so pretty!

2) ViviannaDoesMakeup - Vivianna is so gorgeous, and I often buy products solely based on her recommendation! She lives in the UK, which also makes her easy to relate to. I am obsessed with her hair aswell!

1) ThePersianbabe - Barbara is definitely my favourite! I love love love her videos, she is so pretty and her style is amazing. She is living in London like me, and her videos are so easy to watch, she influences me so much!


  1. I'll check these out! :) I LOVE missglamorazzi and FleurDeForce!

  2. how lovely are they?! thanks for commenting becca xxxx

  3. i love all the youtube guru girls too, and watch the majority of these religiously! lovely little blog you have here :Px

  4. thank you! i love yours too xxx