Sunday, February 26, 2012

Thoughts: Collection 2000 Cream Puff

In terms of lip colour, I usually go for pink, glossy lipsticks (as shown in my most recent blogpost: Recently, though, I have been getting into a product that gives a very different colour and finish.
The Cream Puffs by Collection 2000 are a product that I've seen quite a few beauty bloggers talk about. They are comparable to the NYX Velvet Matte Lip Cremes, in that they are a moisturising lip cream that give a matte finish to the lips. I chose the shade Angel Delight, a dark brownish colour. I love it! It's very pigmented, and cheap as chips at just £2.99. The only problem is that there is a very limited choice of colours, in fact I think there's only 4 shades available. Despite this, in my opinion, you'd do well to pick one of these up!


  1. I love cotton candy its the only one that suits my skin tone, do you find them a bit greasy because I do??? Great blog, have just started following xx

    1. yeah get what you mean! thank you <3